3D Productions began in 1989 with the purchase of six Parcans. Many generations of new technology have been introduced since then, but the demand for tungsten lighting is still strong. There’s nothing like the warm glow of a tungsten lamp for face lighting, particularly on high definition cameras.

Over the years, we’ve slimmed down our range of generic lighting to reflect the changes in demand, with Parcans and flood fixtures moving over to LED. Our remaining stock has been fully refurbished to last for many more years to come.

Our equipment includes:

  • ETC Source Four Profiles with fixed or zoom lenses
  • CCT Starlette Fresnels
  • Audience Blinders
  • HTI and LED site lighting

ETC Source 4 Lens Tubes

ETC Source 4 25-50 750w HPL Profiles

Fresnel Vision 650w c/w barn doors

For more information download our full price list, email or call 0113 236 3700

Lighting Solutions

Moving Heads

Martin Viper Performances to MH6 LED Washes

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Control & Dimming

Avolites and ChamSys desks, single dimmers to patchable racks

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LED & Effects Lighting

Range of lighting effects to add an extra impact

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