Radio Mics & IEMs


Radio Mics & IEMs

Radio mics, in-ear monitoring (IEMs), antennas and all the accessories. We have packages to suit from corporate conferences to a theatre show. Our radio kit is ‘racked and ready’ to use, preprogrammed to standard frequencies and tested before dispatch. All radio kit can also be built into custom configurations for touring productions. These systems are available with the right antennas to suit your application.

We hold a large stock of compatible mics and accessories, including adapters for instruments and DPA headset and instrument microphones.

In-ear monitoring systems are available in wired or wireless. We have an 8-way wired system, expandable up to a 56-way wired system, perfect for a band up to a full orchestra.

If you need advice on any of our radio equipment or frequency licensing, we’d be happy to have a chat. We have in-house experts that can support your production.

Our equipment includes:

  • Sennheiser 500G3 / G4 Channel 38 radio mic systems available in 12-way and 4-way racks or single kits
  • Sennheiser 500G3 / G4 Channel 38 handheld or belt pack transmitters
  • Mics: DPA4266 Omni & 4288 Cardioid headsets, ME3 headsets, ME2 lavalier mics
  • Shure UR4D+ K1E receivers available in 4-way racks
  • Shure UR2 K1E handheld transmitters with SM58, Beta58, KSM9 capsules
  • Wireless IEMs: Sennheiser 300 Channel 38 available in 4-way racks and single kits, IE4 Earbuds
  • Wired IEMs and headphone distribution amplifiers
  • Antennas: Active, Passive, Omni, Directional or Helical in kits with BNC cabling

Sennheiser 500 Series 4-way receiver rack

Sennheiser A2003 Antenna Kit with BNC cables, Clamps and joiners

DPA 4288 Beige Flex headset Mic and accessories

For more information download our full price list, email or call 0113 236 3700

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