PA & Lighting Towers


PA & Lighting Towers

When you need a discreet PA or lighting tower, we have the solution. Our James Thomas Engineering Smart Masts take up minimal space and have low visual impact.

These masts have a footprint of only 2.3m x 2.3m. This makes them ideal for delay towers situated in the middle of a crowd. They are modular and can be built at either 6m or 9m high. These towers can be used to fly 750kg of PA or can be fitted with self-climbing truss to provide lighting towers. We are working on expanding our range of towers with more options so watch this space!

JTE Self-Climbing Smartmast PA Tower

JTE Self-Climbing Smartmast Lighting Tower

JTE Self-Climbing Smartmast tower base and motor

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Rigging Solutions

Ground support truss system @ Freedom Festival, Hull

Truss Systems

Straight lengths, baseplates, corners, connectors and couplers

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Art installation 'Museum of the Moon' by Luke Jerram @ The Harris Museum, Preston

Motors & Control

Electric chain hoists powered by Outboard controllers

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Supertruss ground support system @ The Monastry, Manchester

Ground Supports

Fixed or self-climbing in OV30 and JTE 52 CM Supertruss

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